Saturday, February 25, 2012

Daffodils and Dogs

Look what we found by the mailroom!

The daffodils are shooting up! Hitty Jubilee looked a little farther, and found a beagle sunning himself on a rock.

He had no collar and no tags.....

"Can we keep him? I think he likes me!"

"He really wants to come home with us!!!"

Flower Children

When I was young, we had a family friend who had a son my brother's age, but no other children for me to play with. When we would visit, sometimes I would occupy my time by myself.

Once, I found an old wood box in their yard by the house. I remember feeling that the box would make a good playroom for small dolls. I am still enchanted by the idea of an old wood box as a doll room outside in a garden setting, among the wet grass and earth.

What is most sweet about this memory is that my mother told me that when she was young, growing up in Honolulu, she used to play that flowers were dolls. I could imagine a daisy turned upside down, like a fairy wearing a skirt. I love that idea!

Now I see that the descendants of these magical flower dolls are the small dolls like Hitty, other wood or cloth dolls, and poly people. They rise up from the flower beds and smile at their existence in our world.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Signs of Spring-President's Day

It started out a cool and windy holiday Monday,

but by mid-morning, we were getting restless.

After running several errands,

we decided to take a bold look about for Spring. As we entered Old Town through a side parking lot entrance,

we were greeted by the smell of cedar burning in the fireplace.

A delicious smell, and a warm touch for a chilly day!

We looped around to the San Felipe de Neri Mission Church.

The decidous trees were still bare, but the evergreens were full as usual.

Just when we thought we might be too early for Spring,
Hitty Jubilee spied some rose buds!

The sky was bright and clear,

but that was probably due to the cool temperature and winds.

After shopping at Old Town Rug and Basket,

we noted that the water fountain had not been turned on yet,

but was still beautiful for it's cement forms and cracking paint.

Look at the beautiful fleece blanket we found!

There will still be enough cool nights to enjoy it!

With good eyes, Hitty Jubilee found one pansy in the pot

while I tinkered with my camera.

Entering the central plaza area,

Hitty Jubilee found some purple crocuses in the flower bed!

This is a Hitty sized garden!

Ummm...something about the wind?

It just isn't the best weather for small travel dolls out and about.

But in New Mexico, strong and gusty winds are another sign of Spring.

Previews of the upcoming weather....

Since it was chile in New Mexico,

we decided that we had stayed long enough!

We hope you had a wonderful President's Day, too!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is a Little MO?

What is a Little MO?
At least this is an easier question to contemplate than "Who is Hitty?"

A Little MO is a polymer doll created by Paulette Morrissey.

Each one is an original full of fun and personality!

They come numbered and with certificates.

My two Little MO girls are Georgia and Hitty Jubilee.

Georgia came from a September 2011 batch of girls with teeth and/or glasses.

Hitty Jubilee was a custom order who also was a part of a small batch of Hittys and Beccasines offered in February 2012.


If you think handcrafted poly people are as wonderful as I do,

then you might want to check out the Little MO dolls by Paulette Morrissey:

By her sister, Pam:

Or her daughter, Tes:


Come join us in Polyville!

Who Is Hitty?

Who Is Hitty?
Hitty Jubilee and I are having this contemplation/discussion
as we are reading the book Hitty:Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field and Dorothy Lathrop.

Hitty is a real doll once found in an antique store by Rachel Fields and Dorothy Lathrop.

Rachel Fields wrote a ficticious book in Hitty's first person voice about her adventures

while Dorothy Lathrop created illustrations.

This original Hitty is located in the Stockbridge, MA library.


All this is factual enough.

Then, there are very skilled wood working artists who seem to have been able to replicate or create authentic impressions of the "real Hitty" for others to adopt.

Whether they carved many, or just a few, these are limited and can be expensive, unless you, of course, happen to have gotten one at the peak of Hitty interest, or are so talented as to be able to carve your own in the image of the original Hitty.


This leaves us with "Hitty spirit", meaning more of us want to play.

Hitty is a small travel doll who did, in her time, have a certain look, but now has morphed into an individual expression by hundreds of people.

She is wood, resin, cloth, polymer (as Hitty Jubilee is)...

She is primitive, beautiful, and in the skill and eye of her caring person.

She lives in family groups, and Hitty is used as a title,

like "Hitty Rose" and "Hitty Grace".

She seems to collect little things, like clothes and more friends and family, pets and accessories.

Then, Hitty needs a room or a house, or a place to store her stuff.

She wants to swap with friends. She wants you to make things.

She is resourceful and creative, if not always professionally talented.

Hitty believes it can get done one way or the other.


Hitty wants to go on adventures.

She wants to go to camp. She wants to go on your trip with you.

She wants to run errands and see the world where she lives and beyond.

And her caring person just hopes she does not wander too far away from home

and forget her way back, as the original Hitty did in her book adventures.

If you've got Hitty spirit,

I invite you to join the Yahoo Group Hittygirls,

and learn more at

Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Day at School

Day 2 of Parent/Teacher Conferences....

On our classroom bookshelf, Hitty Jubilee found a book about a doll

who traveled the first leg of the Underground Railroad.

A girl after her own heart and adventure!

Hitty Jubilee took out her copy of

Hitty: Her First 100 Years by Rachel Fields and Dorothy Lathrop.
After several conferences and paperwork...
tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...
"Is it 11 o'clock?"
No, it is still too early for a lunch break.

Hitty Jubilee decided to check her email and play video games.

"Will you take my portrait?

Maybe I can use this if I get a Facebook account."

Just when we were certain that we would die from boredom...

Off to run some errands and get lunch.

I purchased a beautiful, new heavy duty pencil sharpener.

"Yep. This works really well! See how sharp the pencil is!

And this is fast, too!!!!"

More paperwork....

and another conference.

Finally FREE!!!!

Have a Great President's Day


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hitty Jubilee's Day at School

Today was parent/teacher conference day at school,

so Hitty Jubilee joined me for a day at school.
"What is this? There is a tropical hut in your classroom!"

"Oh, students can rest on the bean bag when they get cranky.
Good idea!"

"I like this game!"
Hitty Jubilee made a goose from tangrams.

"I know what day it is!
It is 2 days after Valentine's Day!"

Geography: Where are we?
"New Mexico! That is what the address label said last week."

"DOLL spells doll!
Wasn't that a word Annie Sullivan taught Helen Keller
by spelling into her hand?"

"My head is shaped like an 'O', don't you think?"

Bilingual Education:

"I pledge alligence to the flag...

"Juro filidad a la bandera...


"This MP3 clip is just my size.

Which playlist is the best?"

Time to go home!

"Already? Can I come back tomorrow?"


Sunday, February 12th, there was a light dusting of snow.

Hitty Jubilee ventured outside to see it. She was distracted by posing for a winter portrait,

when a small, blue creature appeared behind her.

She heard the rustle behind her, and turned around to find the little smurf.
She tried to catch him, but he quickly ducked and ran to the side.

He dashed up the tree.

Hitty Jubilee followed him,
and was able to coax him back down again.

They climbed back down,

But Grouchy Smurf took off again,

leaving Hitty Jubilee in the cold...

Hitty Jubilee

In which I introduce Hitty Jubilee:

Hitty Jubilee is from the Little MO family

by Paulette Morrissey.

She is a custom created polymer Hitty

made in her warm and unique Little MO style.

Hitty Jubilee was born on February 4th, 2012.

At least, that is what she remembers.

Here she is waiting for the bus to bring her home to New Mexico.

Fortunately, she did not have to wait long!

She arrived on February 11th, 2012.