Friday, February 17, 2012

Another Day at School

Day 2 of Parent/Teacher Conferences....

On our classroom bookshelf, Hitty Jubilee found a book about a doll

who traveled the first leg of the Underground Railroad.

A girl after her own heart and adventure!

Hitty Jubilee took out her copy of

Hitty: Her First 100 Years by Rachel Fields and Dorothy Lathrop.
After several conferences and paperwork...
tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...
"Is it 11 o'clock?"
No, it is still too early for a lunch break.

Hitty Jubilee decided to check her email and play video games.

"Will you take my portrait?

Maybe I can use this if I get a Facebook account."

Just when we were certain that we would die from boredom...

Off to run some errands and get lunch.

I purchased a beautiful, new heavy duty pencil sharpener.

"Yep. This works really well! See how sharp the pencil is!

And this is fast, too!!!!"

More paperwork....

and another conference.

Finally FREE!!!!

Have a Great President's Day


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