Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hitty Jubilee's Day at School

Today was parent/teacher conference day at school,

so Hitty Jubilee joined me for a day at school.
"What is this? There is a tropical hut in your classroom!"

"Oh, students can rest on the bean bag when they get cranky.
Good idea!"

"I like this game!"
Hitty Jubilee made a goose from tangrams.

"I know what day it is!
It is 2 days after Valentine's Day!"

Geography: Where are we?
"New Mexico! That is what the address label said last week."

"DOLL spells doll!
Wasn't that a word Annie Sullivan taught Helen Keller
by spelling into her hand?"

"My head is shaped like an 'O', don't you think?"

Bilingual Education:

"I pledge alligence to the flag...

"Juro filidad a la bandera...


"This MP3 clip is just my size.

Which playlist is the best?"

Time to go home!

"Already? Can I come back tomorrow?"

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  1. Tracy your blog is wonderful. I am looking forward to reading about all of your Hitty's adventures. Because I am a lover of books ( Mystery, History and Children ), I love your background wall of books.