Monday, February 20, 2012

Signs of Spring-President's Day

It started out a cool and windy holiday Monday,

but by mid-morning, we were getting restless.

After running several errands,

we decided to take a bold look about for Spring. As we entered Old Town through a side parking lot entrance,

we were greeted by the smell of cedar burning in the fireplace.

A delicious smell, and a warm touch for a chilly day!

We looped around to the San Felipe de Neri Mission Church.

The decidous trees were still bare, but the evergreens were full as usual.

Just when we thought we might be too early for Spring,
Hitty Jubilee spied some rose buds!

The sky was bright and clear,

but that was probably due to the cool temperature and winds.

After shopping at Old Town Rug and Basket,

we noted that the water fountain had not been turned on yet,

but was still beautiful for it's cement forms and cracking paint.

Look at the beautiful fleece blanket we found!

There will still be enough cool nights to enjoy it!

With good eyes, Hitty Jubilee found one pansy in the pot

while I tinkered with my camera.

Entering the central plaza area,

Hitty Jubilee found some purple crocuses in the flower bed!

This is a Hitty sized garden!

Ummm...something about the wind?

It just isn't the best weather for small travel dolls out and about.

But in New Mexico, strong and gusty winds are another sign of Spring.

Previews of the upcoming weather....

Since it was chile in New Mexico,

we decided that we had stayed long enough!

We hope you had a wonderful President's Day, too!

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  1. Wonderful photos of spring blooms! Hurry up Spring, I'm tired of winter! Hitty Judilee is really cute.