Saturday, February 18, 2012

What is a Little MO?

What is a Little MO?
At least this is an easier question to contemplate than "Who is Hitty?"

A Little MO is a polymer doll created by Paulette Morrissey.

Each one is an original full of fun and personality!

They come numbered and with certificates.

My two Little MO girls are Georgia and Hitty Jubilee.

Georgia came from a September 2011 batch of girls with teeth and/or glasses.

Hitty Jubilee was a custom order who also was a part of a small batch of Hittys and Beccasines offered in February 2012.


If you think handcrafted poly people are as wonderful as I do,

then you might want to check out the Little MO dolls by Paulette Morrissey:

By her sister, Pam:

Or her daughter, Tes:


Come join us in Polyville!

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