Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who Is Hitty?

Who Is Hitty?
Hitty Jubilee and I are having this contemplation/discussion
as we are reading the book Hitty:Her First Hundred Years by Rachel Field and Dorothy Lathrop.

Hitty is a real doll once found in an antique store by Rachel Fields and Dorothy Lathrop.

Rachel Fields wrote a ficticious book in Hitty's first person voice about her adventures

while Dorothy Lathrop created illustrations.

This original Hitty is located in the Stockbridge, MA library.


All this is factual enough.

Then, there are very skilled wood working artists who seem to have been able to replicate or create authentic impressions of the "real Hitty" for others to adopt.

Whether they carved many, or just a few, these are limited and can be expensive, unless you, of course, happen to have gotten one at the peak of Hitty interest, or are so talented as to be able to carve your own in the image of the original Hitty.


This leaves us with "Hitty spirit", meaning more of us want to play.

Hitty is a small travel doll who did, in her time, have a certain look, but now has morphed into an individual expression by hundreds of people.

She is wood, resin, cloth, polymer (as Hitty Jubilee is)...

She is primitive, beautiful, and in the skill and eye of her caring person.

She lives in family groups, and Hitty is used as a title,

like "Hitty Rose" and "Hitty Grace".

She seems to collect little things, like clothes and more friends and family, pets and accessories.

Then, Hitty needs a room or a house, or a place to store her stuff.

She wants to swap with friends. She wants you to make things.

She is resourceful and creative, if not always professionally talented.

Hitty believes it can get done one way or the other.


Hitty wants to go on adventures.

She wants to go to camp. She wants to go on your trip with you.

She wants to run errands and see the world where she lives and beyond.

And her caring person just hopes she does not wander too far away from home

and forget her way back, as the original Hitty did in her book adventures.

If you've got Hitty spirit,

I invite you to join the Yahoo Group Hittygirls,

and learn more at

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