Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Easter Dress

Being a week before Easter, Hitty Jubilee felt it was time for another dress.

The pretty fabric I ordered in the mail arrived just in time to make another pink, floral dress. At this point, the story should be titled

"Another Lesson in When to Leave Well Enough Alone".

This morning, I experimented with a fancy stitch on my sewing machine. I have previously only done straight stitches and zig-zag stitches. I made an apron from the last piece of peach fabric, embellishing it with a fancy, looping stitch. It wasn't perfect, but it was okay. When I finished the dress, the apron ended up being too bulky, and just covered up the dress. Not an asset.
For the dress, I ventured from cuffed sleeves to elastic sleeves, which I had done in the size for a 9 inch doll, but not in this size. The elastic sleeves turned out to be wiggly, but I finally got a bodice that was well done. In fact, even the skirt went on well, and I had a perfect little dress.
Please Insert "Leave Well Enough Alone."
Because since I was not using the apron, I thought I'd try the fancy machine stitch, which turned out uneven and terrible. I pulled it out, much to the dissatifaction of my fatigued eyes. Then, I did what I told myself not to do. DO NOT RIP THE FABRIC!!! was just a little bit, that I decided to cover up and secure with the ribbon trim. The dress needed something along the trim. And then I noticed that the ribbon is not really sewn on straight. The skirt is straight. The ribbon goes a bit uphill and downhill. After working all day, I decided to let it be.

Hitty Jubilee reassured me that it is a perfectly lovely dress, and do I think all Hittys always go around in perfectly sewn, perfectly perfect clothes? Probably not.
But at least I'm learning, and she may get a wardrobe of wearable clothes...


  1. Cute, Tracy! You are too hard on yourself.

  2. Thanks! It is funny having a perfectionist side that can turn a quick and easy project into a day long adventure complete with a story! I'm sure I must not be the only one with this particular kind of creative insanity.