Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Finding Spring at the Botanic Garden

The weather has been warming up nicely, so today, we went to the Botanic Garden to see what was happening with flowers.

Potted Flowers The fountain in the Moorish Garden was joyfully laughing as a lilly floated in it's pool.

On the lawn, crocus seeds had been sewn. I found one just my size (and not a stitch in it-it must have had one amazing seamstress!!!!)

Heritage Farm

The garden in front of the 1940's style farmhouse was just beginning to sprout...

...and someone had hung the laundry out!

Sasebo Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden had places for rest and repose.

I loved the waterfalls, big and small!

Several trees had budding pink flowers.

Don't my pink ribbons fit in nicely with the flowers?

We spent some more time sitting, enjoying the view before it was time to leave for the afternoon,

but a trip to the Botanic Gardens sure was a nice way to start Spring!

Happy Spring!


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  2. What a lovely day!! Yes Jubilee, your pink hair ribbons match perfectly, you're like a little flower yourself! :)