Sunday, March 4, 2012

Party in a Box

A special box came in the mail yesterday.

We were all absolutely delighted by what we found! There was a box of 6 tacos, another box with 6 chocolate cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles, 6 paper plates and napkins, and a pink table cloth!
Both girls were impressed by how delicious everything was,
but noticed that the box had items to serve a party of 6.

Georgia asked if more Little MOs or Hittys were coming to join our house and share in this colorful party. After deciding that no one was on her way yet, Hitty Jubilee quietly spoke the magic word.

In no time, four little bears joined them.
Chip smiled and said that he heard someone say "chocolate", so they all came running!

Our special goodies were made by Tes of Tiny Eclectic Studios.

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  1. Oh yum! Those look delicious! Nice to see Chip, too! Tabby says to tell Chip "hi", please! Now I'm craving cupcakes. And tacos. Mmm... tacos.