Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Dress

All week, Hitty Jubilee has asked for a new, pink dress.

This morning, she decided to take things one step further, and sat around in her underwear. This was a sure sign that she wanted new clothes.

Fortunately, with good basic patterns and some experience, dresses of this size can be sewn on the machine in just a few hours. I found an old fabric she liked, and took out the same dress pattern I have been using for her. She decided she liked the tuck in the skirt, which then ended up with a bit of lace along the edges.

Unfortunately, tucking the skirt up pulled it up too high for a proper Hitty, who prefers a more modest skirt length. She explained that what she really didn't like were her white socks showing so much, so we could either do a petticoat or pantalette.

Hmmmm....capri length pants (aka "pantalette") it was.

And a rose pattern 1860's look was recreated.

Happy Hitty Jubilee?

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