Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hitty and Kitty

Last weekend, 
I was looking for an odd plush travel companion that would be of good traveling size, 
and  not look like a typical stuffed animal. 
When I was looking through the section on plush dolls on Amazon, I met "Bad Kitty".

 Hmmm....a quirky character indeed. 
As I love their free shipping, I quickly added two Bad Kitty books to my cart.
Yes, Bad Kitty is also quite the literary character!
 With great enthusiasm, I went to my local bookstore, 
and found more Bad Kitty books!
So far, I have Bad Kitty, Bad Kitty Takes a Bath,
Bad Kitty Happy Birthday, and Bad Kitty Meets the Baby.
The remaining books are on my wish list.

All I can say is that BAD KITTY can be very bad, and very fun!
All Hitty Jubilee can say is that at least Bad Kitty is NOT Hello Kitty.
That is another story.

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