Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Day of School

Early one winter morning, we carefully watched what the district would say,
finally, they announced they had declared it a "SNOW DAY!"
The roads were not safe. The buses could not travel the city.
The students and staff stayed home. Oh, WHAT A PITY!

Many months later, the last day of school came.
But then they all had to come back one more day! Oh, WHAT A SHAME! 
So I followed my person to work the last day of school.
It was after Memorial Day. Was that really cool?

The two students who came did not need a tutor.
They only wanted to play on the computer.
So, I looked into the big white box,
where much to my delight, I found the blocks!

I built a colorful stage perfect for me,
check out my work, oh come see!

Maybe I should have memorized some lines to recite,
I'll get right on it, I'll do it tonight!

Eventually, a younger hand reached out to add to more blocks,
he added a side stage that would knock off your socks!

 Welcome ladies! Welcome Gents! Welcome to our play!
Yes, now I am quite sure it was worth it to make up that snow day!

 How we spent our last day of school:

Have a great summer vacation: STAY COOL!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Wonderful description of the day!