Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boating Trip to Tingley Beach

Today I got to go on a very special boating trip
in a real BODY OF WATER!!!!

 I went to a mountain with a great waterfall
and a fabulous lake!

(west side of the fountain)
 (east side of the fountain)

This a popular spot!!!!

I set off in my boat...

And Around...
And Around I Went!
I drifted too close to the rapidly flowing stream of water,
and settled for a moment in the current.
It shot me forward toward the stream leading into the BIG LAKE!

My person stopped the camera and set it down when she realized 
I was in imminent DANGER
and waded across the beautiful lake (fountain) to rescue me 
before my adventure got any more ADVENTUROUS! 
(I was glad I had the foresight to take my shoes and socks off,
and put my feet in the fountain, prepared to wade in for quick rescues!)

One more trip around...
..and it was time to check out the surrounding area.
The lake for model boats was surrounded by a wall of hungry geese
following a boy who had been feeding them bread,
so we turned and walked in the other direction.

I found a wood bridge crossing the stream,
where I was able to look north toward the "children's fishing pond".
My special boating lake (fountain) is at the far end.

We wandered to the main pond on the other side of the bridge.

I swear this goose wanted a bite out of me!
I'm glad it decided I was not a tasty morsel!

 There were more boaters on the main lake, 
along with people fishing and children playing.

I had to keep my PFD (Personal Flotation Device) on
until I got all the way home!
Thanks to Julie Old Crow for the PFD from a long-ago Hitty Camp,
and Pauline's Polys for reminding me to wear it!
I hope I get to come back to this great boating spot again!


  1. WOW!! Jubliee, you are so BRAVE! What an amazing boating trip! I am scared to death of water, so I think you're about the bravest Hitty I know! (I don't even think Hitty Rosabelle here would go in a boat). I'm glad the goose didn't get you, and I'm glad you didn't head into the big lake.

    WOW! You are amazing!!! Good job!! - Miri

  2. I had a great time, but I was glad I had those boating lessons this weekend! It made my trip out much easier, and drier!

  3. Boating lessons were a really good idea, I think. You seemed very confident out there in the videos.

    Also, your person is awesome for just jumping into the lake to save you like that. All dolls should be so lucky to have that kind of companion.

  4. Oh Jubilee...Such an adventure! I was worried that goose was going to make off with you like the crow did with Original Hitty!!

  5. The geese were quite worrisome, but not as nervous-making as the current that headed straight toward the rapids and into the BIG LAKE (you can see the area of rocks and the stream draining the fountain into the pond in the last video-not to mention the tackle box and the unseen boy who was fishing!)

  6. Miranda, You are so complimentary! I happen to know that you have your companion wrapped around your smile! You are quite adventurous yourself! In fact, I am adding your blog to my blog links so I can visit you often, too!

  7. Hitty Jubilee had a grand time!