Sunday, June 24, 2012

El Rancho de Las Golondrinas

Santa Fe Fiber Arts Festival at
El Rancho de Las Golondrinas
a living history museum in  Santa Fe

scroll mouse over numbers on map link for more photos at each location

(location 11 on map-covered entry)

Willow Baskets

Activities in the Rancho Courtyard
(looking toward location 19 on map)

 Colcha Embroidery

 Carding and Spinning Wool

Bread Fresh From The Horno
(courtyard around location 12 on map)

The Baca House 
(27 on map)

Tanning Hut
(location 69 on map)
 Out and About
Cottonwood Pods Everywhere!
(location 40 on map-looking out at fields)

Taking a Break Near the Outdoor Washing
(beyond location 41, before the bridge)

 By a Stream
(goes under the bridge)

(location 45 on map)

 Natural Dyes
(location 46 on map)

 The Mora House
(location 61, and surrounding compound)

The Willow Basket Man gave us a willow wand.
The Belt Weaver at the Mora House gave us a posey, and a flower ring used to make tea.


Big Mill from Sapello
(location 56 on map)

Hiking Back Up the Trail
Back of the Main Rancho
(view from trail near location 17 on map-
point 41 to 17 is all uphill!)

Old Looms
(location 10 on map-backside of Pino house, between the stage and the house)

Navajo Weavers
(outside near location 7-museum gift shop)

Outdoor Market
(location 3 on map)
Local Vendors

Josefina in the Gift Shop
(Museum Gift Shop-location 7 on map)

 Miniature Collection

Back Toward the Entrance

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on El Rancho de Las Golondrinas

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El Rancho de Las Golondrinas


  1. What a fantastic expedition - worth the heat and the drive...Jubilee is one lucky little girl! The fibres and looms are mouth watering!Thanks for sharing the day with us.

  2. Oh wow!!! How fun! Jubilee gets to go all the nifty places. It looks, hot, hot, HOT there! And all the yarn and the miniatures! WOW!!! Thanks for making it feel like we were there with you! - Miri