Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Summer Stroll

Today is a warm, Sunday afternoon.
Time for a summer stroll!

These flowers match  my dress!
 I was resting on the base of the tree trunk,
when I saw the daffodils!

 I almost had a chance to make a wish, 
but then a gentle breeze overtook me!

I think it is time to go in.


  1. OH NO...appears the gentle breeze wasn't so gentle! Cute story and pics..thanks for sharing

  2. The grass and weeds were also not quite even for her to be standing on. I'm glad I got a good picture of her standing, and it is amazing to capture a doll falling! Fortunately, she is sturdy, low to the ground, and fell into grass. No harm. When she fell into the fountain in Florida, I wasn't fast enough to photograph her standing on the edge of the fountain or falling into it. That would have been interesting!