Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hosting Hitty

Online photo albums seem to be the new storage trunk of memories.
So, imagine me, Hitty Jubilee, venturing up into the attic
and opening up a vintage trunk, and finding these photos from the past.

I have heard that a long time ago, there was another Hitty who lived here.
Her name was Hitty Rose.
She was called a "DRC Hitty Kin 2".
Apparently one day, she packed her bags,  and left New Mexico.
Oddly, the cat, the pumpkins, 
and the fireplace in the photo are all still here.

There were also some pictures of a wooden Hitty.
Her name was Hitty Moxie, and she had come for a visit in April 2007.
The notes left said that she and Hitty Rose visited the Botanic Garden.
It looks like it was a beautiful day!

My person said that hosting visitors is a great way to get to know new Hittys.
We have an adobe guest room, and visitors used to go see local tourist
and recreational attractions. Then, they would go home with souvenirs, 
and a photo CD of their visits.

I don't think that I would want to wander away from home without my person,
but it might be fun to host another Hitty sometime.
I can enjoy photos of those who came before.
The links are now on my blog margin,
under "Hosting Hitty".

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Jubilee's cash register arrived  yesterday.

It fits nicely on her table, and I love the vintage details!

Hitty Jubilee spent the afternoon admiring it!

Now Jubilee is thinking about how to get a sign
for her store and where she would put it.
Every store needs a sign, don't they?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hitty Jubilee's Route 66 Country Store

Hitty Jubilee is almost ready to open
her new Route 66 Country Store!

Jubilee's Country Store
is now in a foam core box with 12 X 12 inch floor space,
and 10 inch ceiling height.

The picture on the wall is attached with adhesive dots
that can be removed and changed.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Farmer's Market

The harvest had started to come in,
but there was nowhere to put it!
Hitty Jubilee decided to pile and sort the vegetables.

Then, I got a great idea!
We drove to a real Farmer's Market about 10 miles away
to take pictures of the roasting chile for today's blog entry,
and to see how they set up their produce tables. 
When we arrived, I looked at my passenger side car seat.
Hitty Jubilee...check. 
I can't believe I left my camera at HOME.

However, we took a detour trip to  Michael's Craft Store
to buy supplies for Hitty Jubilee's own Farmer's Market.

I made some tables out of mini crates and pre-cut wood.
The vegetable table had a slanted surface,
but the cashier's table is flat.

Jubilee straightened out the vegetables,
set the pumpkins on display,
and even picked out a new piece of artwork.

Not bad for a first day.
Maybe in the future, the table tops will be painted
and she'll get more to sell at her store!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Waiting for Fall

Waiting for Fall...

Will it be Fall soon?
The pumpkins on the left,
the chiles, and the sample of vegetables in the basket
were all made by Julie Old Crow.

The pumpkins on the right were made by me,
with the guidance of Julie Old Crow's Pumpkin Tutorial.

One of the signs of Fall in New Mexico is the chile harvest.
The green chile is finally here.
When the chile is red, it is time for Fall!

What are the signs of Fall where you live?

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday from New Mexico

It totally slipped my mind last week!
Hittygirls turned 11 years old on June 30th!

Time for cupcakes and tacos!
Life is too short to not eat dessert first.

Party in a Box by TES; comes with 6 entrees (tacos, cheeseburgers,
sandwiches, or pizza), 6 cupcakes (your choice), 6 plates (your
choice), 6 napkins, and a table cloth (this table cloth is not the
one that came with the tacos).

Happy Birthday Hittygirls!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Really Easy Dress Pattern

 Another summer Saturday, 
and the sewing bug has been nibbling at my creative urges.
I have most of the sewing patterns by Paulette for her Little MO 6 1/4 inch dolls,
but she has recently released a few more patterns, including an easy dress/top pattern without inset sleeves.

I have been using Paulette's patterns for a while, 
and they work up easily and accurately.
The one piece bodice with long or short sleeves is really easy 
for quick projects and seamstresses less experienced at sewing in this size.
I made the chile dress with the short sleeve bodice 
and the Little MO Hitty apron skirt as Jubilee prefers her skirts at that length.

I am still working on accessories,
but Hitty Jubilee loves her black bloomers 
made from the bloomers pattern that came with the Easy Dress pattern.
Hitty Jubilee's Secret-
Black Bloomers!
Could it be that fall is coming soon? 
A time for the chile harvest, pumpkins, and black?

Paulette's Little MO Patterns:

Late Evening Update:
I made the little bag without a pattern for it. 
It has a black elastic strap for easy placement and removal.
The "Southwest" logo is an iron-on,
ironed-on a piece of white fabric and glued to the bag.