Sunday, August 19, 2012

Farmer's Market

The harvest had started to come in,
but there was nowhere to put it!
Hitty Jubilee decided to pile and sort the vegetables.

Then, I got a great idea!
We drove to a real Farmer's Market about 10 miles away
to take pictures of the roasting chile for today's blog entry,
and to see how they set up their produce tables. 
When we arrived, I looked at my passenger side car seat.
Hitty Jubilee...check. 
I can't believe I left my camera at HOME.

However, we took a detour trip to  Michael's Craft Store
to buy supplies for Hitty Jubilee's own Farmer's Market.

I made some tables out of mini crates and pre-cut wood.
The vegetable table had a slanted surface,
but the cashier's table is flat.

Jubilee straightened out the vegetables,
set the pumpkins on display,
and even picked out a new piece of artwork.

Not bad for a first day.
Maybe in the future, the table tops will be painted
and she'll get more to sell at her store!

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