Saturday, August 18, 2012

Waiting for Fall

Waiting for Fall...

Will it be Fall soon?
The pumpkins on the left,
the chiles, and the sample of vegetables in the basket
were all made by Julie Old Crow.

The pumpkins on the right were made by me,
with the guidance of Julie Old Crow's Pumpkin Tutorial.

One of the signs of Fall in New Mexico is the chile harvest.
The green chile is finally here.
When the chile is red, it is time for Fall!

What are the signs of Fall where you live?


  1. Great pumpkins and chiles. The signs of fall here, are the leaves changing and starting to fall and conkers :-)

  2. Very nice are doing great. Love this little blog! Here in Georgia, it stays quite warm sometimes all the way through Thanksgiving. But up in the mountains the leaves change, and elsewhere, apple butter and pumpkin butter are on the list of items to can!