Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Fall Fashion

This weekend is Labor Day weekend.
In America, we say that Labor Day
 is the last unofficial day of summer.

I'm really glad that summer is ending!
I can't wait to see real pumpkins and fall leaves!

This is my first long sleeved dress, and first fall dress.
I hope to wear it when I go see real fall leaves,
although I heard that might not happen for a while.


  1. It is pretty! I like how the leaves are blowing around on the dress fabric.

  2. What a lovely outfit for the fall!!!!! Miss Gladys

  3. What a beautiful fall frock for Hitty Jubilee, Tracy. Your first long sleeved dress is lovely. And such a cute penny to go over.
    Yes, I am ready for fall, too. I am happy to see brown leaves falling on our deck the past couple of days here in Canton, GA. Hip hip hooray.
    Celia C

  4. We haven't really had a summer this year, so I can't echo your sentiments, although I do love the colours of Autumn, and Hitty Jubilee's dress is beautiful. The perfect excuse for making them some new clothing!