Friday, September 14, 2012

Hitty Jubilee's 100 Dresses Project

 This is Hitty Jubilee's adoption photo and description by Paulette.
I told her that I was interested in sewing for my new Hitty,
and she found just the right Hitty to come to my home!

Since she arrived, I have been learning how to sew in this small scale using Paulette's patterns.
Although I have made a few more dresses or outfits then those shown,
these dresses are my "keepers"; the ones I felt turned out reasonably well.

I most often use the Hitty Dress Set, the Multi-Dress Pattern,
the capri length pants (bloomers) with the Pants and Shirt Set,
and her more recently released Easy Dresses Pattern.
To Jubilee's preference, I usually use the skirt length from the Hitty Dress Set,
regardless of which bodice set I use (Hitty, Multi-Dress, or Easy Dresses).

Spring 2012: Original Dress, Spring Multi-Dress
Easter Dress, Fountain Dress (Spring Floral)
Summer 2012: July 4th Dress, Sailor/Swim Dress,
Aloha Dress, NM Chile Season Dress

Spring Multi-Dress

Summer Sailor Dress/Swimming Dress
with removable collar.
This Spring Floral was named the "Fountain Dress"
After Jubilee fell into a Florida fountain
on vacation in June.
4th of July Dress
New Mexico Chile Season

Aloha Dress

November Dress

With all of the sewing we have been doing,
it was suggested in good humor that Jubilee wanted "100 Dresses".
So this is our good start, and our Flickr album 
Hitty Jubilee's "100 Dresses Project".

This is my note on "cheating". 
Hitty Jubilee's original dress was sewn by Paulette.
I am still counting it as dress #1
since this is Jubilee's 100 Dresses Project,
not a project to torture the seamstress with rules.


  1. These are great! What a wonderful wardrobe she has already! I think the spring multi-dress is my favorite, no surprise there, as the multi-dress is my favorite pattern. I love her patterns too! You're doing a fine job with the tiny sewing, now all she needs is a walk-in closet! :D

  2. Wow, I love your Hitty Jubilee and all the dresses you have made for her. What a very lucky Hittty indeed! I wish I could sew for my Hitty, but I'm just not good at it.
    By the way, I have been "bumping into you" all over the internet at various doll places. LOL! I recognize your sweet Talia. I guess the world really is smaller than we think.
    I am a big fan of Hitty, Dianna Effner Little Darlings, Sylvia Natterer dolls, Ginger Brook Hollow dolls, Paulette's polymer dolls (although I don't own one yet), used to collect lot of AGs, and many others.
    I look forward to seeing you around. :o)