Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Mexico Chile Season

Today, we finally got back to Wagner's Farm
to see the green chile roasting.

Green chile can be purchased by the bushel or the bag.

I was allowed to look at it,
but warned not play in other people's food!

After green chile is paid for,
each bag or bushel gets a number for roasting.

Roasting chile has a delicious,
yet peculiar burnt smell.

This chile has been purchased,
and given a number.
The chile is taken outside to wait in line for roasting.

Red chile is green chile that  has been left on the vine longer.
These red chiles have been made into ristras.

Green chile is a vegetable, and it will go bad
if left on the counter, just like a green bell pepper would rot.

Red chile is dried and used as a seasoning in sauces
and other New Mexican recipes.

Both red and green chile is too hot for me,
but here, you can find chile on everything, from green chile cheeseburgers,
to pizza with green chile and other traditional and modern favorites.
Chile is usually found in recipes with lots of cheese to help soothe those 
burning taste buds!
If you eat chile, be sure to have a tissue handy,
because it will drain your sinuses!!!
Chile is a great New Mexican tradition!


  1. What a fun and informative post! Thank you.

  2. Jubilee is a delightful guide through the chile-drying process, thanks! It was nice to see her pretty curls from behind too, and what a perfect dress!

  3. Jubilee looks like she had a great time! How fun! Mmm... chile!