Friday, October 12, 2012

Gnome at Home

 Last night, there was a knock on the door, and
a little package was mysteriously left on the doorstep.
Much to our delight, a small gnome boy jumped out of the box
when we opened it.

He inspected the hollow tree stump that had been fashioned for his home.
He loved the checkerboard table best of all!

After Jubilee welcomed him,
the little gnome tried to teach her how to play checkers.

She liked his gnome home best of all,
and was happy that the ceiling of the bottom floor
was high enough for her visit our new resident.

As an after-thought, she remembered to ask him his name.

 "K.C.!!!" he grinned,
happy to be home.


  1. The perfect playmate for Jubilee!

  2. Aww, K.C. is very sweet. I wondered if a gnome would be coming to join Hitty Jubilee. I hope they'll be great friends! Also, his tree house is NIFTY! Nice!

  3. He is adorable and I love all the little gnome homes you have made.