Saturday, October 13, 2012

Harvest Festival

 This weekend is the annual Harvest Festival
at the Albuquerque Rio Grande Botanical Garden.

 It was a beautiful Fall Saturday to visit the Heritage Farm
exhibit and check out the harvest activities.

Heritage Farm is a model of a working 1940's Rio Grande farm.
It has an adobe farm house, a red produce barn,
a livestock barn, and a working farm.

The produce barn is closed most of the year.

But, during the harvest, apples grown on the property
are pressed into cider, which is then sold to patrons.

I was so excited that we got to take home our own
half gallon of very fresh cider.

It was so fresh, that we even got to see some of the trees
in the orchard that grows the apples.
My, these look and smell tasty!

Around the livestock barn, there was a children's craft table, 
barbecued brisket and grilled food for sale for lunch,
and a live band.

I wonder if the cows minded.

The Rio Line train passed by....

..and there were lots of trees with leaves just starting to turn golden.

I think I'm going to like Fall!


  1. I love Fall too! What a fun festival! Thanks for sharing some of the music, though I must say that cow looks rather unimpressed. How fun! Have a lovely Autumn, Hitty Jubilee!

  2. Fall is my favorite! Looks like everyone had a great time at a great place. :o)

  3. I bet that apple cider was delicious! Lucky Hitty Jubilee!