Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Return to Florida

 Our Fall Trip to Florida
October 25th-November 5th
The Westin
Lake Mary, Florida

 Floral Arrangement in the Lobby

Bean found one of the floral arrangements designed
by someone at the course.
What are these green bulbs?

The Fountain 
was turned off for a few days due to the passing of Hurricane Sandy,
and it's strong winds and rain.

The fountain was turned on as the hurricane passed
and the weather improved.

While sitting on the edge of the fountain,
Bean got the brilliant idea to sit on a rock under the fountain!

Although Bean was with me when I had time to take photos,
Jubilee was also on this trip,
and finally wanted her picture taken, too!

She was not as brave about wanting to get wet
in her dress.

Greetings from Florida!


  1. Cute photos! bean is a brave little soul. Hitty Jubilee looks sweet, as always. So glad the storm didn't ruin your trip and you made it back home safely.

  2. Beautiful photos! So glad that Hitty and Bean got to go too!

  3. What a fun trip! Hitty and Bean seem like great travelers! Thanks for sharing their adventures!