Sunday, December 30, 2012

Have You Read...?

Have you read Hitty and Her Next Hundred  Years
by Jody  Provost?

Although it came out in September, we finally ordered the book after Christmas.
By then, we were so eager to read it, that we had to get the Kindle version, too!
The really cool thing about Kindle is that you can get a free download of the program for your PC,
iPad, iPhone, or other device, so, here I am reading it on the 10 inch mini laptop
until our paperback copy arrives.
We love this book so much that we wrote a review on Amazon
for the paperback version, and copied it for the Kindle version.
Come check out the paperback version:

Or the Kindle version:

Please click on the "yes" button if you found our review helpful!
It is fun to see how many people are interested in Hitty!

Also, if you like Jody Provost's writing, or want to check out an even more inexpensive sample, she has taken the idea of play that we Hittys have in our different homes and multiple-Hitty families and written a fun short story for Halloween. I hear there may be plans for more short Hitty stories!


  1. My poor Hiitys have been neglected and I didn't even know about this book. I will order the Kindle version for my iPad right away!!!

  2. I really have been enjoying Hitty and Her Next Hundred Years. I am both using my background knowledge of life in the 1930's while learning new things! Jody's writing is excellent, and she continues to develop the voice and character of Hitty instead of being limited by her 19th century adventures and persona. Jody plans on continuing this series. It definitely is the best Hitty story that has come out since the original.