Saturday, December 29, 2012

How to Make a Snowman in Albuquerque

Chile the Snowman

1. Put together 3 styrofoam balls of descending sizes. Toothpicks can be used to hold them together.

2. Cover styrofoam balls with white paper mache clay, made up per directions. 

3. Use polymer clay to make eyes, nose, mouth, and arms. Bake polymer clay, and use the pieces you made to create indentations in the clay while it is still wet to allow them to be inset into the figure later. It is especially important to create a space to push the arms through the clay and the styrofoam balls. Allow clay to dry before gluing in place.

4. Add clothes as desired.  May not want to glue the arms in as it makes for easier dressing to remove them.

Naked Snowman~Now it is getting really chilly!

Cold enough to keep a snowman frozen,
but a little DRY!

Alternative Method
Use giant tumbleweeds, spray painted white:

The New Mexico Department of Transportation
builds a tumbleweed snowman annually to display near
the interstate highway intersection (I-40 and I-25).



  1. Both snowmen are completely wonderful! I'll bet that tumbleweed one is something to see in person, though. WOW!

  2. The tumbleweed snowman is fun. It is one of those "only in the southwest" things, but as far as being something to see in person, drivers speed past it on the interstate upwards of 60 mph (more like 75 mph). I would love to photograph it, but obviously you can't stop on the freeway. You have to photograph it from the road next to the freeway as this photographer probably did.

  3. I like both snowmen, but especially the tumbleweed one! I have quite a few of them stuck against my back fence, but never thought of spraying them white! :)