Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hotel Albuquerque

From Thursday, June 27th-Saturday June 29th
I attended a conference at a local hotel.
Since I am doing a "30 Days, One Object" project
with Jubilee documenting my summer vacation,
Jubilee and my camera came with me.

Thursday, June 27th
Walking around the grounds and in the hotel

Friday, June 28th
Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, and Lanterns

It was over 100* on all 3 days.
Water was very important!

We wanted to take a closer look at the pool,
but being local residents,
I didn't have a room key.

Saturday, June 29th

Flower day!

But I still really love fountains!

In June 2012, Hitty Jubilee came with me to Florida.
On the last day, I stood her on the ledge of the courtyard fountain
for a fountain picture in this dress.
She decided that she would rather take a dive, 
and the only photo I got of her was soaking in her dress
by the side of the fountain.
Although this day would have been a great day to go swimming, 
Jubilee stood quietly for a picture in her "fountain dress".

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tingley Beach-The Fishing Ponds

Tingley Beach is a series of 4 man-made fishing ponds.
I was hoping to watch the model boats on the boating pond,
but there were no boaters.
In fact, the park was very quiet.
It only took a few minutes to figure out why.

Today is 
HOT, HOT,  HOT!!!!

Instead of model boating,
the activity of the day was  paddle-boating
in canopy covered boats.

 As I walked to the edge of the next pond, 
I noticed something else that was strange.

The trunks of the trees on the island are painted blue!
Very interesting effect with the green leaves,
but I really hope the blue is there for the health of the trees,
like preventing disease.

Tingley Beach is halfway between the Rio Grande Zoo
and the Botanic Gardens.
Visitors can purchase tickets to visit both parks the same day,
and ride the train between the parks.
Tingley Beach has a station, but it is not always used.

Where is the train?

The train...

the train!!!!!

 Then, as we headed back toward the car,
I noticed something else that was really strange!
Last year at this time,
I went on a little boating excursion in the mountain fountain.
When I was there, there were a bunch of children climbing
on the fountain.
In fact, every time I have been there in warm weather,
children have been all over the fountain.
Today, there were none.

Wow! How could I have missed it!
The water in the fountain was off!
Good thing I had not planned another boating trip!

Take a trip back to Wednesday, June 27, 2012
and join me on my boating trip in this fountain:

What do you like to do when it is hot during the summer?

Monday, June 24, 2013

My Jubilee Summer

30 Days, One Object
I was invited to participate in an Ipernity group
titled "30 Days, One Object"

As I have about a month left to my summer vacation,
I decided to join and get started. 

1/30: 6/23/13
Day One~I was visiting the Taos Pueblo.
Doesn't get too much more interesting than visiting historic sites!

2/30: 6/24/13
Day Two~Guess who decided that she would be a great subject
for the next 30 days!

New Mexico Souvenirs:
vintage mini postcards of Taos and Santa Fe,
mini and ornament sized drums,
mini/ornament sized pottery,
Taos Pueblo Painted Stories by Jonathon Warm Day

Won't you join us?
Jubilee's Ipernity Album

30 Days, One Object Group

Taos Pueblo

 The Taos Pueblo
Taos, New Mexico
Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

The Historic Taos Pueblo consists of clan-owned buildings 
on both sides of thePueblo River. 
Families continue to own their units within the historic pueblo, 
although without modern amenities like heat and plumbing, 
modern homes are  scattered around the reservation property. 
Some families stay in their units within the pueblo 
during feast or festival days, or during the summer.
Some units are used for shops for direct artist sales, 
or for food and snack items.
We loved the fry bread and the cold water at the end of our visit!

The main building at the Taos Pueblo is approximately 1,000 years old,
beautiful and well maintained!

Other buildings on the north side:

 Even crumbling adobe is beautiful!

 The South Side Buildings:

Horno baking ovens:

A shop with curb appeal draws in visitors:

 Where is Hitty Jubilee?

Looking across the river to the main building:

Rio Pueblo (Pueblo River):
The Pueblo River runs down the mountain,
directly through the middle of the pueblo,
and winds through a path on the west side of 
Taos. It passes by another historic building;
the Martinez Hacienda.

The Churches:
Present Day San Geronimo
Catholic Mission Church

The walls and bell tower of the original San Geronimo
mission church are evident to the back side of the pueblo.
It was destroyed during the Pueblo Revolt in 1680.
The walls now contain the pueblo cemetery.

Today, the religion of the Pueblo people is a blend of Catholicism
and Pueblo spiritual teachings and practices.
There is a kiva on the premises, out of view and access to visitors.