Sunday, June 2, 2013

100 Dresses?

Once, a long time ago,
I thought it would be a really good idea to ask for 100 Dresses!
I ended up with 4 dresses for spring 2012,
4 dresses for summer 2012, 4 dresses for fall 2012
and 4 dresses for winter 2012.
A good start, with 20 not far away!

But then, something unforeseen happened!
A few more dolls arrived, and my person drifted off!
Total for spring 2013? ZERO!

Blessed by a summer break,
my person seems to have returned 
with the first 2 dresses of summer 2013.
Okay, they are both with the same fabric,
but I am hopeful!
Maybe I am back on the road to 100 Dresses...
in 20 years!


  1. Your flamingo dresses are wonderful, Jubliee! Nice to see you back on the road to 100 dresses! What a brilliant project idea! Good luck!

  2. Beautiful dresses Jubilee....I can see how your person got person was making 100 dresses as well, and we Hittys at Rose Cottage thought they would all be for us, but she CHEATED and has made them for the other doll people that live with her! I mean the cheek of she tells us that she is almost at 100, yet have WE important HITTYS got 100 dresses? No we haven't!

  3. I adore your flamingo dresses, Hitty Jubilee! And so sorry to hear your human has not been holding up her end of the deal to make you 100 dresses. 16 isn't anything to sneeze at, though! Oh and I love your chili pepper dress, too. Wish I could sew tiny dresses, Jessi Lynn would have an entire wardrobe of dresses with odd prints :D