Sunday, June 30, 2013

Hotel Albuquerque

From Thursday, June 27th-Saturday June 29th
I attended a conference at a local hotel.
Since I am doing a "30 Days, One Object" project
with Jubilee documenting my summer vacation,
Jubilee and my camera came with me.

Thursday, June 27th
Walking around the grounds and in the hotel

Friday, June 28th
Chandeliers, Wall Sconces, and Lanterns

It was over 100* on all 3 days.
Water was very important!

We wanted to take a closer look at the pool,
but being local residents,
I didn't have a room key.

Saturday, June 29th

Flower day!

But I still really love fountains!

In June 2012, Hitty Jubilee came with me to Florida.
On the last day, I stood her on the ledge of the courtyard fountain
for a fountain picture in this dress.
She decided that she would rather take a dive, 
and the only photo I got of her was soaking in her dress
by the side of the fountain.
Although this day would have been a great day to go swimming, 
Jubilee stood quietly for a picture in her "fountain dress".

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