Monday, June 24, 2013

Taos Pueblo

 The Taos Pueblo
Taos, New Mexico
Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

The Historic Taos Pueblo consists of clan-owned buildings 
on both sides of thePueblo River. 
Families continue to own their units within the historic pueblo, 
although without modern amenities like heat and plumbing, 
modern homes are  scattered around the reservation property. 
Some families stay in their units within the pueblo 
during feast or festival days, or during the summer.
Some units are used for shops for direct artist sales, 
or for food and snack items.
We loved the fry bread and the cold water at the end of our visit!

The main building at the Taos Pueblo is approximately 1,000 years old,
beautiful and well maintained!

Other buildings on the north side:

 Even crumbling adobe is beautiful!

 The South Side Buildings:

Horno baking ovens:

A shop with curb appeal draws in visitors:

 Where is Hitty Jubilee?

Looking across the river to the main building:

Rio Pueblo (Pueblo River):
The Pueblo River runs down the mountain,
directly through the middle of the pueblo,
and winds through a path on the west side of 
Taos. It passes by another historic building;
the Martinez Hacienda.

The Churches:
Present Day San Geronimo
Catholic Mission Church

The walls and bell tower of the original San Geronimo
mission church are evident to the back side of the pueblo.
It was destroyed during the Pueblo Revolt in 1680.
The walls now contain the pueblo cemetery.

Today, the religion of the Pueblo people is a blend of Catholicism
and Pueblo spiritual teachings and practices.
There is a kiva on the premises, out of view and access to visitors.


  1. Lovely photography! How awe inspiring to see such sights in person. It's amazing that these buildings are here after a thousand years!

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  3. It was a wonderful, peaceful place to visit. A good part of great photography is having a great subject! I love the pile of rocks. They turned into the period to end my photo story!