Sunday, July 7, 2013

Annual Boating Trip

Last year, I learned how to sail a boat.
When I knew that I could balance in the boat
and be safe, I went on my own boating trip!

Lucky me when I found out that I would get to go again!
I guess this means that my boating trip is now
an annual event! 

I carefully got into my boat,
and off I launched!

Around in the stream of water....

back to where I started from,
and around again!

This time a helper grabbed me before I went over
the next waterfall!

Then I went around the lake a third time
for more "macro" pictures.

Person Editorial:
I went to Tingley Beach before lunch on Sunday so that it would be less crowded.
I met a delightful, inquisitive 9 year old girl climbing on the rock fountain.
She was there fishing with her grandparents 
and she became interested in what I was doing.
I enjoyed this trip because she was truly enjoyable to talk to.
She also helped tremendously with this photo shoot
as she was easily able to fetch the boat without my
wading through the pond on slippery moss.

This is the fountain about two weeks ago.
The water was off-thus no children climbing on it.

The voice in the background is the young lady
who helped me.
She was very curious and asked really good questions.

Trip 1: Jubilee flows in the current,
circling back to me.

Trip 2: Jubilee flows in the current,
but heads toward the little waterfall
going out to the main pond.
The young lady who helped me caught Jubilee.

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