Thursday, July 11, 2013

Rio Grande Botanical Garden~Summer

 Yesterday, we got out of the house for a few hours
to go to the Botanical Garden.

 I love fountains,
and the Botanical Garden has several fountains.

This is this best time of year to go the Botanical Garden!
There are a lot of pretty flowers!

This is the biggest flower I have seen
here in Albuquerque!

The pond in the middle reflected the green trees.

There are sculptures here, too,
even in the pond!

Butterflies fluttered all over the Butterfly Pavilion

Do you see the orange butterfly
flying over the flowers?

After we visited the butterflies,
we went to the healer's garden
where herbs and plants used for healing are grown.

It is getting harder to see the barn
at Heritage Farm,

but the adobe farmhouse is pretty as a summer picture.

Sasebo Japanese Garden
is a quiet, contemplative space.

Lauren came along on this trip,
and after waiting and waiting,
she finally wanted her picture taken, too. 

More sweet smelling roses!

We enjoyed our morning at the Botanical Gardens!
We hope you did, too!

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