Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Day the Cottonwoods Came Down

July 7th
Last photographs of the cottonwoods
in front of my apartment, knowing that they would
be removed on Tuesday.

July 9th
They have started removal of these trees.

July 10th
partially done

Hey, Joe, where'd you put the orange cones?

July 11th
The tree closest to me is down.

a little more work needed on the one farther away

30 Days, One Object Photo Project
Picture of the Day
19/30: 7/11/13
A Very Odd Day

Piles and Pieces

who wants to make some doll furniture
out of cottonwood?

second tree down,
they will continue removal all the way to the roots

In Memory of a Cottonwood Tree

July 11, 2013

November 11, 2012


  1. What a shame to see beautiful trees have to go - but furniture for Jubilee and sisters would be a great idea!

  2. so sad... it always hurts me when a tree has to come down...
    trees are so much part of our life...

  3. The tree removers removed a few trees last fall. They put spray painted blue "X"s on the ones that were diseased, needed to come down. The community has lived with these awful "X"s since last November, so I knew they would be removed. I had time to notice and accept that the marked trees were not doing well. Finally I have just wanted it to be over with. The last few days have been a process of mourning, and then being interested in how careful and responsible they are as they work, and then getting really interested in the wood pile! I'd love to have a few stumps bigger than I can carry for footstools. The potential in a pile a wood!

  4. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better about the trees, Tracy. It is a sad thing, and I have to say that looking at your pictures, the song "Bonnie Portmore" started going through my head. It's about a giant oak tree being cut down, but still... - "All the birds in the forest, they bitterly weep. Saying 'Where shall we shelter? Where shall we sleep?' "