Sunday, August 4, 2013

Favorite Old Magazine Articles

Over the years, I have collected and saved doll magazines
with articles that reflect my interests.
These articles are about Travel Dolls, Hitty,
and American Kit.
I am sharing them as a preview in case you'd like to look for them
in the second hand market.
I do not have a scanner. These are photo images.


Doll Reader, June 2001
Travel Dolls: A Concept That Endures,
by Virginia Ann Heyerdahl
pages 64-66


Doll Reader, May 2005
Hitty, Storied Sweetheart,
by Virginia Ann Heyerdahl
pages 52-55

Making Hitty from a Gail Wilson Kit, 
by Rebecca Coleman-Rouch
pages 56-57

Dolls, October 2003
Travels with My Hitty, by Kathy Witt
pages 42-43

Hello Hitty, by Trina Laube
pages 44-46

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  1. This is wonderful information! Thank you for sharing it. I'd love to find all these magazines to add to my collection as well. :o)