Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rebel Donuts

I did some more research on Rebel Donuts,
and found out that they have a branch just a few miles away from me.
I skipped the Sunday morning breakfast burrito
and headed for a local strip mall.

I knew I had arrived when I found the cars gathered
in an otherwise empty lot at 8:30 on Sunday morning.

The Rebel Donuts branch had a small selection,
but a hip coffee shop feel.

What will I have?

I chose the triple chocolate donut, and a Boston Cream Bulls Eye.

Since I only purchased two donuts, they were placed in a bag.
The cream on the Boston Cream Bulls Eye slid off and stuck to the paper en route.
I would definitely recommend boxing any donut with a fancy topping.

The other thing I noticed is that the two donuts I chose were cake donuts.
The grocery store bakery donuts I have enjoyed most recently
have been yeast donuts, which have a different taste and texture.

I would go back again and try a few more flavors,
but I'm not completely sold on them yet.
Interesting store with a local fan base, but when we are talking about food,
the only thing that matters is whether or not you like it enough to eat it.

Rebel Donuts in the News
on YouTube


  1. Those all look delicious, and I think the "Early Bird" is about the most clever thing I've ever seen.

    1. Ooh, updated comment for updated blog entry! Yaay, Jubliee for checking them out. One advantage to being only about 6" tall is that donuts are nearly as big as you are! AWESOME!

      They really do look delicious, and I totally think they need to open one here in Colorado. Mention that to them next time you're there, okay Jubilee and Tracy? Thanks! :)

  2. The owner is an architect who used to work in a fancy cupcake shop. It wasn't her calling. And she got fired. She ended up starting Rebel Donuts! Even in hard financial times, people will buy donuts! I think it would fit in well with the culture of Denver. We'll tell her that a new fan base is waiting!