Sunday, September 22, 2013

Santa Fe Renaissance Fair at El Ranchos de Las Golondrinas

On Saturday, we went to the Renaissance Fair
at El Ranchos de Las Golondrinas.
Wow! Was it busy!
There were lots of vendors and lots of people!

I dressed in my princess dress from Madeline Fashions.
Snuffle joined me, cause a Renaissance Fair is one place where a purple dragon
and little girl in a princess gown fit right in!

 We passed the vending areas to find the fun stuff!
These children were led through a pirate narrative
while their ship was rocked back and forth.

Then they defended their ship against an attack
of hollow plastic cannon balls!

Another favorite activity
was the performance by the Clan Tynker.

Serendipty loves blowing bubbles!

Serendipty also dances with fire and does other acts in the show.

Elijah is the most charismatic performer in the family troupe.

Sam played the drum.

Rebecca picked a volunteer from the audience.
She ended up being lively and outgoing,
jumping up to the stage instead of using the stairs,
and comfortably addressing the audience.
Elijah honored her outgoing, entertaining spirit,
and borrowed her sunglasses during the act.

Ready to juggle with Theresa, the volunteer,
standing in the middle.

The Show Final Act:
Light the torch on your helmet, Sam!

Get up on that unicycle, Elijah!

 There were extraordinary bubbles next to the stage!

Extraordinary costumes were worn by many people!

The inside courtyard of the rancho had weavers, baking in hornos,
and more of daily Spanish life in Colonial New Mexico.

Snuffle made a friend when we found a lady
with a purple dragon draped over her shoulder!

The Torreon

A miniature horse was among much larger horses.
"Will you play with me?
The big kids won't let me play with them!
They said I was too little to joust!"

El Rancho de Las Golondrinas
 is also a working farm!
Signs of the season-pumpkins!

We saw a competition
that looked like fencing with rules about
when a limb was lost or a contestant had lost the fight.
This was a father against his grown son.
The father won!
The winner went on to battle the next contestant.

The father is in the green, son in the beige.
Notice at the end of the video, the father says "arm",
meaning he has lost an "arm" in the fight.

More vendors and sights:

We've had a lot of unusual torrential rain
and flooding this month +
adobe is a applied in layers over adobe bricks
and in the process of maintenance =

The costume contest was the best place
to see costumes!
The judges lined up like royalty
while contestants answered questions about the origin
of their costumes (store bought, or custom made?).
A few contestants told a brief story about their costumes,
addressing the court in their most formal English.

Finally we were ready to go,
but not before making a new friend to follow us home.
We found a purple shoulder dragon just like the one
we had met earlier!

While looking for a place to pose for a few more pictures,
we saw this mysterious creatures.
Is it a moth or a humming bird?

This is a "white-lined Sphinx hummingbird moth".
Yes, it is a moth that is mistaken for a hummingbird.


We hope you had a fabulous visit
to El Rancho de Las Golondrinas
and the Santa Fe Renaissance Fair!


  1. Thank you for letting us join in the fun via the internet :)

  2. WOW!!! That is all so awesome! So much stuff to see! Such beautiful costumes! And that is one VERY cool shoulder dragon. It sure looks like you had a great time, Jubilee, and sure enough, your dress and your dragon made you fit right in! Thank you, as always, for sharing your adventures. You do such fun things! :)