Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Albuquerque Musuem

After a slow morning,
I finally was able to visit The Albuquerque Museum after lunch.

I quickly noticed something very suspicious.
Another visitor had taken out her cell phone and
was quietly taking a picture.
I checked the visitor information brochure, and sure enough,
non-flash photography is allowed for the permanent collection!
Wow! That made my day!

The next thing I noticed is that photography
doesn't really convey the feel of being at a museum.
The paintings were so big,
and I could see the strokes of the brush
and the use of different paint colors.
I could feel the depth or warmth to the painting.
I could lose myself in amazement!

They had lots of different things, too.
I loved this little silver saddle.

Look at the amazing wood carvings!

This is San Ysidro, the patron saint of farmers.
He took time from his farm work to pray,
and an angel rewarded him by helping him with his fields.

The Explorers were an intimidating pair.
The horse even has armor covering its ears!

I saw real ancient pottery, too!

An art museum is a peaceful place to look,
wonder, feel, and reflect.

The Albuquerque Museum has free hours every weekend.
I'll have to visit again!

A sampling of the collection at
The Albuquerque Museum
Photos by  The Albuquerque Musuem


Regional Folk Art/History

New Mexico History

The Albuquerque Museum links


Jubilee's July visit to 
The Albuquerque Museum Sculpture Garden 
(the front of the museum entrance):

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