Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finding Fall in San Diego

The weather has been "overcast" since we arrived.
The weather reports threatened rain,
and my person decided to hang out with these people called
That has left me exploring the house and the yard.

Fortunately, there is some interesting stuff here.
It reminds me of an antique shop.

Today, we called the weather reporter's bluff,
and finally got out to see San Diego.
We rode the commuter train to San Diego Old Town.
It has a lot of Spanish history!
The Casa de Estudillo
is the old California mission style home
for the Estudillo family.
It is now a museum preserving California's history.


The family altar was set up to celebrate the Day of the Dead,
which occurs on November 1st and 2nd.

The other inside rooms reflect the life of an affluent family
in early California.


I bet a little girl once lived in this room!



The Spanish styles in California
look a lot like the Spanish styles in New Mexico!
People back then traveled by horse and wagon.
It must have been a mighty slow way to get around!
I was thrilled to find that someone around here
had finally decorated for fall!
Some traditional decorations were set outside the old hotel.
Then, a nice lady invited us in to see the altar
for the Day of the Dead;
dedicated to one of the original owner's daughters,
featured on the altar in a small black and white photo.

This person sized skeleton was outside of the hotel
with a skeleton friend.

Then I started to notice a theme....
And I started to wonder if each altar
scattered around Old Town was for an individual
who was a part of San Diego's history.
Pretty soon, it was time for lunch in a small plaza.



I found more fall photo opportunities with the scarecrows and fall foliage.

There were wagons, carts and buggies around Old Town.
Want a ride?

 No, thanks!
I'll think I'll finish my tour on foot!


I was happy to see that San Diego had found something
about fall to celebrate.
It made me think about history, and the people who had made it.
Is it with reverence they remember the people who made history in San Diego
or, is it just a commercial venture for Old Town
to celebrate El Dia de Los Muertos?

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