Wednesday, October 30, 2013

San Diego Sunset

When I heard that I would be able to watch the sunset over the ocean,
I put it on my "must do" list!
See, where I live in New Mexico, the sunset is backwards.
We are facing the east, so I can watch the sunrise over the mountains,
but the sunset is behind is us.
I watch the sunset by the reds it casts on the mountains,
which is how the local mountain range became known
as the Sandia ("watermelon") Mountain.
I set off well before sunset to make sure I had the best opportunity
to watch an actual sunset!

I found some fall trees on our walk!
I think these are the first deciduous trees I have seen here.


Then I saw a spider web!
Do you think it is getting ready for Halloween?
I also saw a beautiful tropical flower...

...and a jack o' lantern!

The ocean was stunning and peaceful in the distance.

Then, I waited.


I watched the sun set into clouds low along the horizon.
Wow! Can we do that again?


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