Saturday, November 16, 2013

November Leaves

After my trip to San Diego at the end of October,
I returned to my regularly scheduled New Mexico fall,
already in progress!

After some thought, 
I have come up with a word to describe mid-November:

The cottonwood trees that were removed in July
are no longer leaving their bounty of fall leaves on the grass!
Another cottonwood tree across the parking lot remained,
so I still was able to play in the wet and leafy cottonwood leaves!

The cherry blossom tree was turning a honey gold.

One of the most interesting trees where I live
has long leaves turning a cinnamon red.

Before heading to the craft store,
I went to visit a local open space.

The sky was shifting from an early morning sun
to the moody blues of rain.

 The field was the empty blond of a harvested crop
while the trees along the bosque have passed the golds 
of October and are turning into the ocher brown
of trees ready to lose their leaves.

As I looked around, though,
there were still plenty of colorful signs
of a leafy November! 

 The gray clouds grew thicker,
and it started to drizzle rain in the cold.

Today turned into a great day to join my Hitty friends
 and make a fall wreath!
My next stop was the craft store....

...and an afternoon of fall crafts!

Happy Leaf Season!

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  1. Beautiful! All of it! Beautiful wreath. Beautiful Hitty lady in a beautiful dress. Beautiful scenery and beautiful leaves! BEAUTIFUL! That's the only word I've got for this entry.