Sunday, November 3, 2013

San Diego Zoo

Today was my lucky day!
It is my last day in San Diego,
but I got to visit the
World Famous San Diego Zoo!
The San Diego Zoo is on the same larger property as Balboa Park.
It was established in 1916,
the second year of the Panama-California Exposition.
Since then, they have made a lot of changes and improvements
to continually bring the zoo into a modern era
that cares for the needs of both animals and visitors.
The Tasmanian Devil was out and about in Australia.

The koalas were napping.

The Meer cats scampered around.
The elephants were my favorite!



I really got into the new exhibit about
the La Brea Tar Pits and animal skeletons!


San Diego has a large polar bear exhibit.
The polar bear seemed happy and relaxed.



When I saw the Siberian Reindeer,
I thought of my online friend in Finland,
where Siberian Reindeer live in the wild.

I saw Dromedary camels..


and Bactrian camels.
There were lots of copper animal sculptures for children to climb on.
They present great photo opportunities all around the zoo!
Finally, I found one that was just my size!
Many of the newer paths wind around like a river bed,
surrounded by the most full and green tropical plants!
My heart skipped a beat when I found a tree
that remembered that it is fall!
The hippos huddled together in the corner.
Everyone wanted to get their picture taken with them!

The Tiger Trail looked like a jungle!


San Diego is a remarkably beautiful place!

At the end of my visit,
I saw different types of monkeys.
I thought their homes looked like a lot of fun!


I have enjoyed sharing my visit with you.
I hope you have enjoyed joining me
on this virtual trip to San Diego, too!

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