Sunday, January 19, 2014

Casa San Ysidro

Today was a nice Sunday to visit a local historical site.
We visited a property called Casa San Ysidro,
owned by the Albuquerque Museum.

Can San Ysidro was once owned by a private family.
They rebuilt and restored the rancho as they lived in it,
and then collected artifacts, art, and daily use items from early New Mexico.

People who would like to visit Casa San Ysidro
can call the Albuquerque Museum to sign up 
for a scheduled, guided tour.
Photographs are not allowed inside.

People are allowed to walk around the outside of the property
without scheduling a time to visit.
It is a peaceful, quiet place in a small, rural town.

The large gate opens to an inner courtyard.
This is the entrance used for visitors during event weekends
and tours.

The white doors open to a brick paved inner hallway,
with rooms on both sides of the hallway.
This was the main living space for the family who restored the rancho.

 The front territorial style windows are kitchen windows.
The kitchen floor is dropped several feet below the window panes.

This is the window for the sitting room, or parlor,
which has a Victorian Spanish feel.
This is across the hall from the kitchen.

Iglesia de San Ysidro
is the San Ysidro mission church.
It is across the road from Casa San Ysidro.

Adobe is so cool!

I love New Mexico!!!!

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  1. You make New Mexico look so beautiful! Your companion takes GREAT pictures! You both make me want to visit!