Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hitty Jubilee and Hitty Rose Visit the Aquarium

After the discussion of Flat Stanley,
several of us began to collaborate on what a "Flat Hitty"
would be like.
She arrived by PDF by Julie Old Crow in the middle of February.
Hitty Rose began to take shape and come to life.

Once completed, Hitty Rose announced that she was ready to travel.
Hitty Jubilee, trying her best to be a good host, offered to show her a few sights
before she left.
Perhaps she would like to see some historical sites?
Wouldn't she love to have her photo taken with adobe homes or churches
in New Mexico?

Well, no.
Hitty Rose had spent two weeks fully immersed between the pages
of Hitty: Her First Hundred Years.
Perhaps..she could go visit sea life at the aquarium,
just like ancestor Hitty spent so much time at sea.

So, off they went to the aquarium in Albuquerque.

The entrance to the aquarium focuses on the Rio Grande
through Albuquerque.

One tank focused on the current fish species in the Rio Grande.

A second tank focused on species no longer in our section of the river
due to changes in the river.

Hitty Rose and Hitty Jubilee found a place to pose together.

The stingray tank is an open tank
with several viewing areas. 

Hitty Jubilee and Hitty Rose watched the feeding time for the stingrays.

 A live seagull lives in this exhibit.

They descended down the ramp into the areas
holding the larger tanks.

A diver attached lettuce to coral to feed the fish.

Then, Hitty Jubilee and Hitty Rose made it to the shark tank.
People gathered to wait for the divers to feed the sharks!

We quickly realized that the iPhone was going to take
better aquarium photos than the camera...

 The divers finally arrived to feed the sharks!

The shark tank was quite exciting...
remind me to not expect to sit in a quiet room
on Sunday afternoon around 2 pm!

Hitty Jubilee and Hitty Rose wandered around a bit more.
The jelly fish were more peaceful than sharks.

They played on the shell exhibit along the wall.

Hitty Rose begged to see the model boats.
Maybe one would be just like the one sailed by
ancestor Hitty!

These look kind of old...

Hitty Rose leaned against the edge of the glass.
Being flat has its advantages!

After the two Hittys had wandered all around
and back again, it was time to leave the aquarium.

Both agreed that it had been a wonderful way
to say "hello" and "good-bye" to Hitty Rose.

Hitty Rose~A Flat Hitty
must be a member of Hittygirls

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