Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Have Nothing to Wear!!!!!

Sometimes an odd occurrence happens with older dolls
that makes me really glad that I don't have children.

I look at the doll I have loved,
and I really don't want to spend time with them anymore.
Everything is old and tired.

I have found that a good solution to this problem
is to freshen them up with a new outfit.

So I have been looking at Hitty Jubilee,
noticing that she has nothing to wear.
Nothing that would make me want to bring her along with me
on the next outing,
which is really bad for blogging.

I took her to the quilting shop on Monday,
and we did find some fat quarters.
I like the butterfly dress in the previous blog entry,
but I like it as a top on Mari better than I like it
as a dress on Jubilee.

In fact, out of the 23 dresses I have documented
having made for her,
there are only about half of them that I like enough
to put her in regularly.
The rest are a learning process
and a process of evolving my sewing skills. 

Well, this morning turned out to be her lucky day
after a long drought of having nothing to wear.
I found this fabric on Monday, and just felt
the black and blue would work with her eyes and hair.
And the modern print would work for a modern Hitty.

My sewing did not line up with the fussy cut
every step of the tiny path,
but the overall result is colorful
in a really odd way that does not remind me of spring.

Yet, it is perfect!
Perfect enough to love my doll again!


  1. Hitty Jubilee looks lovely in blue, as you say it really brings out the colour in her eyes. I am sure she is much happier now indeed.

  2. That is perfect on her!

    And it's the same thing with Caroline - except I'm finding that it's some of her older dresses, which seemed perfect at the time, that I don't really care for on her anymore. I think the oldest one I still like is her Woodstock dress - the others just don't seem right anymore.