Sunday, April 13, 2014

Little MO/Hitty Kimono Assembly

This visual tutorial is for the Little MO kimono pattern,
designed and sold by Paulette Morrissey for her Little MO dolls
and dolls similar to Hitty.

This a documentation of the first time I worked through the pattern.
It is meant to help others with photographs further illustrating each step.
If you would like to make a Little MO/Hitty kimono,
I recommend purchasing and using her pattern
and reading the directions that she has provided. 
This is not meant to replace her pattern and directions,
but to supplement it with photos.

First, I cut the pieces out. 
One of the best helps I found in following the pattern
was referring back to the actual pattern pieces.
Paulette has them all labeled and colored for fold lines,
cut lines, etc. and refers back to them in her written directions.

The "steps" I have listed below correspond to the steps in Paulette's written directions,
but only summarize or make note of her more thorough text.

Step 1
Fold front pieces on fold line and stitch.

Step 2
Sew front pieces to the back piece.

Step 3
Sew short ends of collar piece together,
right sides together.

Turn and press.

Step 4
Sew collar to kimono.

Turn and press.

Step 5
Cut small notches shown on pattern.
Sew seams (cuff hems).

Step 6
Sew hems on opposing sides as directed.
Fold sleeve in half and press.

Step 7
Sew sleeves to kimono.

Step 8
Fold kimono and sew side seams.

Step 9
Sew sleeve seams.

Step 10
Clip corners, turn kimono.
Hem the bottom.

Step 11
Fold obi in half and sew edge.
Note that I sewed the ends and the edges,
leaving and opening to turn the fabric.
This is not in Paulette's directions.

I slipped-stitched the opening after turning and pressing.

Dress your doll in the kimono.
Follow Paulette's directions to tie the obi knot.

Finished Kimono


  1. Great set of instructions Tracy. Fun pattern isn't it? I made a set of these for my girls last year.

  2. That looks amazing!!! Nice work and a great tutorial, Tracy!!! WOW!

  3. Thanks for the step by step photos!! Really good to have a visual - I've always wondered how kimonos go together.