Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring is Blooming!

The Botanic Garden

Today, we decided to go spend some time with spring flowers.
There is no better place to do that in Albuquerque
than the Rio Grande Botanic Garden!

Spring was in full bloom with brilliant colors!

The path near the produce barn was covered
with tree and flower blossoms!
The barn almost disappeared!

I found a nest in a tree on the path
near the Japanese Garden.

Tree blossoms are as beautiful as flowers growing in ground!

Sasebo Japanese Garden

Our Japanese garden is a unique place to visit.
Japanese design is implemented with many local plants. 
It is a special place with a feel for Japan without leaving New Mexico.

I love the Japanese lanterns and other sculptures.

The Japanese garden pathway
is built around the central pond.
Waterfalls and streams are prominent
and create a peaceful place to visit.

I think my person will need to learn how to sew
the pattern for the kimono that we have!

Maybe I will be able to wear my own kimono on our next visit.

Tulips and other flowers were abundant all over
the other areas of the Botanic Garden.

Do you know the names of many flowers?
I don't, but I still enjoy them.

Our visit to the Botanic Garden today
felt like just like an Easter Sunday!

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  1. WOW!!! What a beautiful place, Hitty Jubliee!!! And I can't wait to see your kimono! Your dress in these photos is really lovely too. Great trip! Great flowers! Just, well, GREAT!