Sunday, May 18, 2014

Spring Sunday Morning

What a beautiful Sunday morning!
I decided to go out for a stroll around the apartment property.
I had heard that there were some colorful flowers blooming.

There were a lot of bees buzzing around this pretty purple bush.
I had to be very careful,
but I was thankful that we have bees.

The roses were too sweet to pass by!

I love this purple flower because the plant is about my size.

There are also some unusual desert flowers in our landscaping.

The pansies were lower to the grass,
and had just been watered.

The water drops were amazing!

I was attracted to the pink in these flowers.

More desert flowers in the landscaping...

Most of the flowers are around the main office area
for the apartment complex,
which includes the pool and mailbox area.

The rest of the property has mature trees, green grass,
and more interesting micro nature to explore!

Just one more week in school,
and it will be summer vacation.
I am looking forward to more outdoor adventures!


  1. A beautiful day for a stroll indeed, and Hitty Jubilee looks as gorgeous as ever in that wonderful dress of hers.

  2. Jubilee is such a pretty flower herself! Always glad to see her especially surrounded by nature's beauties. The purple flowers look like Verbena … the second down desert flower you mention looks very like Valerian. The yellow flowers at bottom are Geum I think. The first down is fascinating! Love from Rosina (RHS!!)