Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting Dressed for Camp

Soon it will be time for Virtual Camp
for the Hittygirls!

Julie Old Crow has designed a special fabric
just for Camp Piney Woods.

Although some campers may prefer t-shirts,
Jubilee preferred to wear a dress.

Can one Hitty dress be created out of an 8" X 8" piece of fabric?

After I ordered the 8 inch square,
I placed the patterns I use for Jubilee on an 8 inch square sheet of paper.
It looks like it will all fit, including the lining for the bodice pieces.

I trimmed the salvage edges, leaving the 8" X 8" square.
The width of the fabric is a little shorter than the skirt pattern, but looks like it will work.

I cut out the skirt piece.
I did not use the previous layout to cut the remaining patterns.
I cut each pattern piece individually, using the edges,
and keeping pieces close together.
This includes the liner on the front and back bodice pieces.

This is the fabric I had left after carefully cutting out the pieces I needed.
I will need to get another fabric for the pantalette,
but it looks like there was some room for pattern differences.

The pattern pieces I used are from the Little Mo Hitty Dress pattern
by Paulette Morrissey. 

I used the skirt and the bodice pieces.
I used the long sleeve, which is a straight, ungathered sleeve,
and modified it to a short sleeve.

Now, to go get some thread to sew up Jubilee's camp dress!


  1. That is cute fabric! My Hittys have never been to the virtual camp. Maybe someday!

  2. How cute is that fabric? Aww! And I'm jealous. I've never gotten to go to a virtual camp. Was it fun? I'll bet it was.